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Garden Care

by Michael Boyle on June 12, 2019

Donegal Town Hardware is your one-stop shop for all your garden care needs. Whether looking for flowers, shrubs or vegetables to grow, or the tools and fertiliser to grow them with, you’ll find it in our dedicated garden centre area.

We also sell and deliver bulk bags of topsoil as well as smaller quantities in small bags, and a wide range of weedkillers, such as Roundup and Gallup and pesticides such as Bug Clear, Ant Killer and Slug Pellets, to help get rid of unwanted visitors.

Deliveries of topsoil and larger quantities of other materials are free throughout south-west Donegal, and as always, you can get all the expert help and advice you need when you call to see us.

Garden Care Donegal Town Hardware

Among the wide range of items you’ll find in our dedicated garden centre are:

  • Lawn Care
    To keep your lawn in perfect condition, we have Sulphate of Iron to get rid of unsightly winter moss growth. We also stock Gouldings Feed Weed and Mosskiller, to help kill other garden weeds and to give your lawn a good feed to develop a rich green colour. We have lawn seed for creating a new lawn or for repairing patches in your existing lawn. We also stock Autumn lawn food for the tail end of the year, to help your lawn survive during the winter.
  • Plants & vegetables
    We stock a wide range of flowers, shrubs, heathers, and more, all on view in an outdoor garden centre area, which is as much a blaze of colour during the summer as your garden can be too. For ‘Grow It Yourself’ enthusiasts, we have vegetables including potatoes, onions, and more, that can be taken home for planting in the traditional way underground, or in a raised bed. We even have the railway sleepers you need to make a raised bed if you want to!
  • Topsoil, compost & fertiliser
    For best results with all plants in your garden, you want the best growing conditions, and so we can help you with topsoil, compost, and other fertilisers too. We do bulk deliveries of pH-neutral, free-draining, and weed-free top soil, with no charge for delivery throughout south-west Donegal. If you only need a smaller quantity, we have small bags of Westland topsoil for you to take home yourself. We also have Westland Multi-Purpose Compost in stock along with compost with added John Innes to help your plants grow their best. We also stock farmyard manure, moss peat, chicken manure pellets and bark chips. A full range of other plant fertilisers (both liquid and solid) is always available too, such as tomato food, Doff Liquid Seaweed, house plant feed, hanging basket plant food and fertilisers for roses, trees, and shrubs. As always, if you need help or advice with what you’re looking for – just ask!
  • Herbicides & Pesticides
    Get rid of invasive weeds and pests such as ants, slugs, and greenfly with the right choice of pesticide or herbicide for your particular problem. Weedkillers come in a variety of formulas and quantities ranging from convenient ready-mixed spray-on bottles up to larger quantities for dilution in knapsack sprayers or small tankers. Our pesticides will tackle all the most common unwanted visitors to your garden, leaving your flowers and vegetables in far better condition. Help in making the right choice of herbicide or pesticide is always available.
  • Accessories
    Donegal Town Hardware also stocks the full range of garden accessories – in fact, all you need to get working and while working in your garden. We have a wide range of garden tools and accessories, such as gardening gloves, True Temper spades, forks, rakes, shovels, clippers, hoes, baskets and buckets, Hozelock hoses, and Hozelock hose fittings and connectors. We have various types of flower pots, planters and a wide range of garden accessories to create the garden of your dreams.