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Patios & Paving

by Michael Boyle on June 12, 2019

Transform your outdoor space into an area for unwinding, cooking, eating, and playing by installing a patio are for the whole family to enjoy.

Or create a walkway of character and colour through your garden with paving stones, bounded by walls built with traditional-style brick.

Donegal Town Hardware makes all that possible by supplying the full range of patio flags and paving bricks and traditional building bricks made by Acheson & Glover, one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers. In fact, all Acheson & Glover products are so good, they are fully guaranteed for 30 years.

We have a wide range of products in stock at all times and can also supply you with any other items from the full Acheson & Glover catalogue. We have free delivery throughout south-west Donegal, and expert advice is assured at all times. Just call in to us for a quote and we’ll help you take it from there.

Gardening Patios Paving Donegal Town Hardware

Helping you get the job done

Whether you’re working on a new build or a home improvement project, we can equip you with all you need to get the job done.

We won’t just supply you with the paving and patio stones themselves – we can also supply everything else you need to get them laid, such as sand, gravel, tools, etc.

Just as importantly, we will also equip you with knowledge and advice. We already have an online guide on how to lay paving, and if you need any further help or information, just ask when you call to see us.

Choice of patio and paving bricks

Download the Acheson & Glover catalogue, and you will appreciate the wide range of choice available, to suit all tastes.

Styles range from traditional to contemporary, and colours go from natural granite grey to gold, rustic red, and several shades of brown. There is also a wide range of suggested lay-out styles including circular and diamond patterns, while finishing touches can be applied with edging stones, steps, and kerbs.

Remember you call to us to see the range we carry in stock, while we can also order anything else you want from the full Acheson & Glover range – always at competitive prices and with free delivery to you anywhere within south-west Donegal.

Paving Flags

The Acheson & Glover range also includes a number of paving flag options, with flags that can be used inside as well as outside, to provide a seamless transition (for example) from a patio area to a sunroom.

Hard-wearing granite features largely in this collection, though slate and sandstone colours are available too. Again, you’ll get all the help and advice you need when you call to see us at Donegal Town Hardware.

Building Bricks / Dry Wall Systems

Finally, a huge selection of traditional building bricks is also available, suitable for all building jobs including ideas such as a patio surround or building a retaining wall between two different levels in your garden.

There’s even a dry wall system that allows you to build a wall without using cement or mortar – making it easy for anyone with even basic DIY skills to do this themselves.