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Wall Insulation

by Michael Boyle on June 12, 2019


If the walls of your home are not properly insulated, you’ll be saying goodbye to cash as well as comfort.

Wall Insulation with Donegal Town Hardware

Up to a massive 30% of a home’s heat can disappear through uninsulated or poorly insulated walls. There are several wall insulation options we can advise on and supply for at Donegal Town Hardware, including:

New Build

  • Partial fill wall insulation – Cavity walls
    Cavity wall insulation is essential for all new house builds and extensions to improve a building’s BER ratings, thereby saving on fuel costs and also costly retro-fitting. Cavity wall insulation is where thermal performance is improved through rigid insulation boards being installed in the cavity between internal and external layers of blocks, causing the internal wall to act as a thermal store absorbing heat during the day and releasing it at night. Thus when the boards are installed as recommended, a continuous layer of cost effective wall insulation is provided. We also have options from Kingspan Kooltherm were Full fill wall insulation is specified in your building.

New Build and Renovation

  • Internal wall insulation – Exterior walls
    Internal wall insulation is achieved fixing insulating plaster board to the inner surfaces of external walls. For any kind of new build, refurbishment or extension, we at Donegal Town Hardware carry all sizes of tapered plasterboards and high performance dry-lining solutions from suppliers like Kingspan and Quinn-therm.

Benefits of wall insulation

Benefits of well fitted wall insulation include:

  • BIG reduction in heat loss
  • HUGE savings on heating bills
  • MASSIVE increase in comfort and warmth in your living space
  • IMPROVED Building Energy Rating, increasing the value of your home

Contact us for your wall insulation needs

Whatever your wall insulation needs, talk to us about the range of wall insulation options and methods we can help you with. Our expert advisors are always on hand to guide you and make sure you get all you need.

Just call to us at the Donegal Town Business Park at Drumrooske during opening hours of 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday, and 8 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. Saturday. Remember we’re open during lunch too, to make things even more convenient for you.