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Bulk Bag Veggie Mix
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Bulk Bag Veggie Mix

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Product Description:

A vegetable growing medium that is both fertile and weed free.

Ways to use Veggie Growing Mix

  • In your raised beds – an easy way to start off growing vegetables.
  • Dug into your existing soil – to guarantee the happiness of your worms and other soil organisms.  One 50 litre bag for every 2 square meters of soil will quickly transform any soil into a very productive organic garden.
  • As a top dressing for many vegetables – So even if you have already planted your vegetables you can still spread a layer of veggie mix (1-2 inches thick) onto the soil.  This will suppress weed seeds from germinating and feed the plants at the same time.

For Potting Plants

Veggie Mix compost can be used to improve general multi-purpose composts. Just add around 20% of the compost with other composts and you’ll find that your plants will last a lot longer in the pot because of the well balanced nutrient supply.

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